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≪Table of contents≫
2:Menu tab

1-1:Otorakobo logo
1-2:Title screen

<1-1:Otorakobo logo>
・This is the sequence that goes through when the game starts
・After displaying the logo, download may run if there is an update etc.

<1-2:Title screen>
・The title screen is displayed, and you can switch to the home screen by tapping the screen.
・If it is the first play, it will transition to the prologue as it is from the player name selection screen

・Play data can be taken over when changing the model of the terminal.

・A list of staff involved in the development of Rainbow Yggdrasil

≪2:Menu tab≫

・It is a menu tab that transitions to each screen of home, dungeon, customize, gallery, ranking, shop with one button.

3-3:Present box

・It is a home screen that transitions from the title
・The current state of Rainbow Yggdrasil is displayed as the background

・Transit to a screen where you can change various settings in the game
・You can change the volume of BGM and SE
・You can change the display language in the game

<3-3:Present box>
・You can receive items distributed from the operation
・The present box will only be displayed if there are distribution items

≪4:ダンジョン Dungeon≫
4-1:Dungeon select
4-2:Bring in items
4-3:Battle screen
4-4:Basic operation during battle
4-5:Game clear
4-6:Game over
4-7:Drama part
4-9:Extra stage
4-10:Battle details -Basic parameters
4-11:Battle details -Emotion seeds
4-12:Battle details -Field effect
4-13:Battle details -Soulsphere
4-14:Battle details -Memorybit
4-15:Battle details -Item
4-16:Battle details -Monster
4-17:Battle details -dreamium

<4-1:Dungeon select>
・A sequence to select the dungeon to play
・The dungeon hierarchy and dungeon name are displayed.
・Cleared dungeons will show the best record for the number of clear turns
・You can check the color tendency of the dungeon by the color of the gauge bar.

<4-2:Bring in items>
・After dungeon selection, transition to the sequence of selecting items to bring in
・You can select the item to bring into the dungeon from the Soulsphere, Memorybit, and items you have.
・After selecting, it will transition to the battle in the dungeon)

<4-3:Battle screen>
・The inside of the dungeon is composed of automatically generated squares and displayed.
・The dungeon is divided into rooms and passages.
・Various objects such as items and enemies are displayed in the dungeon
・There is a concept of the player’s field of view, you can see everything in the room and only one square ahead in the aisle
・Parameters such as HP and RGB of the girl who is the player character are displayed on the UI.
・The equipped Soulsphere and the set Memorybit are also displayed on the UI.
・You can check and use various items you currently have by switching tabs.

<4-4:Basic operation during battle>
・During the battle, the game progresses as one action and one turn.
・Use the operation panel in the lower half of the screen to operate the girl who is the player character.
・Use the arrow keys to move the girl
・Press the ATTACK button to shoot an attack in front of the girl
・When you press the ITEM button, the item baggage will be displayed.
・Item baggage is divided into Soulsphere, Memorybit, and Item tabs, respectively.
・Soulsphere can be equipped by touching the icon
・Memorybit can activate the effect by consuming a certain amount of RGB parameters by touching the icon.
・The Memorybit used immediately before is stored as a skill button on the operation panel and can be activated by pressing it.
・Except for some items, you can activate the effect by touching and consuming items.
・If you press the round button in the center of the operation panel, the game speed will be doubled.
・By pressing the log button on the left side of the screen, you can check the battle history and the number of turns that occurred in each turn.

<4-5:Game clear>
・ The dungeon consists of multiple floors
・Each floor has a gate that leads to the next floor
・Gates on the floor may be sealed and will be released by destroying all enemies and bosses.
・You can clear the dungeon by reaching the last gate on the last floor.
・You can take home various items obtained in the dungeon at the time of clearing.
・The number of turns at the time of clearing is recorded as a score, and the highest score is reflected in the ranking

<4-6:Game over>
・The game is over when the girl’s HP becomes 0 due to the enemy’s attack in the dungeon.
・When the game is over, the items obtained in the dungeon will be lost.
・You can recover from death by using the specific item “Tears of the Goddess”.
・Even if you don’t have the item, you can revive it only once per play by consuming dreamium.
・If the game is over, the number of clear turns will not be recorded

<4-7:Drama part>
・A drama part by a girl and Norns may be played in a dungeon in scenario mode.
・You can skip the drama part by pressing the skip button

・ It is a scenario mode consisting of all 30 levels of dungeons.
・By clearing each layer, the next layer will be released.

<4-9:Extra stage>
・ It is a dungeon for replay, which is different from the scenario mode.
・ Extra stage will be added by management

<4-10:Battle details – Basic parameters>
・The HP of girls and monsters will decrease by being attacked, and when it reaches 0, it will collapse.
・ Three parameters of “R”, “G”, and “B” that are directly linked to the offensive and defensive power of girls and monsters
・RGB parameters are also reflected in the apparent colors of girls and monsters
・ RGB parameters also exist in Soulsphere and Memorybit
・The damage at the time of attack is determined by the RGB values ​​of the girl and monster, Soulsphere and Memorybit.
・You can increase or decrease the number of actions by using the parameter of the number of actions per turn and special items.

<4-11:Battle details – Emotion seeds>
・ It is an item that raises the RGB parameters that are falling in the dungeon.
・Unlike normal items, RGB rises the moment you get it without entering the item baggage.
・In addition to Emotion seeds, there are Emotion fruits and Emotion flowers, each with a different increase in RGB.

<4-12:Battle details – Field effect>
・HP recovers every time you move a certain number of steps in the dungeon.
・However, the RGB parameters will decrease each time you move a certain number of steps.
・The above effect only affects girls, not monsters

<4-13:Battle details – Soulsphere>
・It is an item equipped by a girl
・May be picked up in a dungeon or dropped by destroying a monster
・There are spears that enhance attack performance and shields that enhance defense performance.
・Soulsphere has RGB parameters, which together with the girl’s RGB parameters enhance attack and defense performance.
・There are multiple types of Soulsphere, each with a special effect other than RGB.
・The RGB parameter at the time of acquisition depends on the RGB value of the dungeon picked up and the RGB value of the dropped monster.

<4-14:Battle details – Memorybit>
・Skills that girls can use
・You can pick it up in the dungeon
・There are various types of Memorybit such as “direct attack type” and “attack power buff type”.
・Memorybit has RGB parameters, which are directly linked to the strength of the effect.
・The RGB parameter at the time of acquisition depends on the RGB value of the dungeon picked up and the RGB value of the dropped monster.
・The types of Memorybit will increase by one in each layer of scenario mode.
・Memorybit does not have the concept of equipment. Only the usage history is displayed

<4-15:Battle details – Item>
・It is an item that exerts various effects when used in the dungeon.
・Items are consumed when used
・Since it consumes, many have a stronger effect than Memorybit.
・There are no RGB parameters for the item

<4-16:Battle details – Monster>
・ It is a monster that prevents the girl from capturing the dungeon.
・Monsters have HP and RGB parameters that affect the exchange of damage in battle.
・The color of the monster changes according to the RGB parameters.
・The HP of the monster goes up and down based on the difficulty level set internally on each floor of the dungeon.
・The RGB value of a monster is determined to some extent depending on the color of the dungeon floor.
・There are multiple types of monsters, each with different behavior patterns and attack methods.

<4-17:Battle details – Dreamium>
・A special material item that can be picked up in the dungeon.
・ It cannot be used in the dungeon, and can be used for strengthening synthesis of Soulsphere and Memorybit by taking it home.
・There are four types of Dreamium: “rainbow”, “red”, “green”, and “blue”.
・Rainbow Dreamium is a valuable Dreamium that can be exchanged for various items.

5-1:Soulsphere enhancement
5-2:Memorybit enhancement
5-3:Sale of items

<5-1:Soulsphere enhancement>
・The same type of Soulsphere can be synthetically enhanced
・Soulsphere can be enhanced up to +10
・Enhance requires a certain number of original Soulsphere, material Soulsphere, and Dreamium
・Combining enhances Soulsphere and raises RGB parameters
・The rising RGB parameters are determined by the ratio of the RGB parameters of the Soulsphere that is the material.
・The required number of Dreamium is determined by the RGB parameter of the material Soulsphere and the + value of the original Soulsphere.

<5-2:Memorybit enhancement>
・You can synthesize and enhance the same type of Memorybit
・Memorybit can be enhanced up to +10
・Enhance requires a certain number of original Memorybit, material Memorybit, and Dreamium.
・When compositing, the Memory bit is strengthened and the RGB parameters are raised.
・The rising RGB parameter is determined by the ratio of the RGB parameter of the Memorybit that is the material.
・The required number of Dreamium is determined by the RGB parameter of the Memorybit that is the material and the + value of the Memorybit that is the source.

<5-3:Sale of items>
・Soulsphere, Memorybit, and consumable items can be sold and converted to Dreamium.
・For Soulsphere and Memorybit, the color of Dreamium that can be obtained at the time of sale changes according to the RGB parameters.
・Items will be fixedly converted to Rainbow Dreamium at the time of sale

6-1:Memorybit selection
6-2:Image loading and setting
6-3:Image reset

<6-1:Memorybit selection>
・The acquired Memorybits are displayed in a list by type on the gallery screen.
・ The RGB parameters of the Memorybit that you have are not reflected and are displayed as a picture book.
・Select the type of Memorybit you want to customize and move to the image registration sequence.

<6-2:Image loading and setting>
・You can load the saved terminal image
・The read image can be moved or scaled according to the memory bit frame.
・You can create an original Memorybit icon by matching the frame and the image.
・By saving, the icon will be set to that type of Memorybit.

<6-3:Image reset>
・You can reset the registered image on the Memorybit selection screen.
・However, please note that all the set images will be reset.

7-2:Total ranking
7-3:Monthly ranking

・It is a ranking that competes with players from all over the world for the number of clear turns in the dungeon.
・Rankings are aggregated and can be viewed in all scenarios and extra dungeons.
・The earliest clear turn in your dungeon will be registered in the ranking.

<7-2:Total ranking>
・Total ranking for all periods

<7-3:Monthly ranking>
・It is the ranking of the month
・It is a ranking that is reset every time you cross the month

8-1:Dreamium shop
8-2:Exchange shop

<8-1:Dreamium shop>
・It is a shop where you can purchase Rainbow Dreamium for a fee.

<8-2:Exchange shop>
・A shop where you can exchange Rainbow Dreamium for various items.
・Can be exchanged for red, green and blue Dreamium
・Can be exchanged for items used in the dungeon
・Shop lineup may be changed or added by operation

9-1:Twitter integration

<9-1:Twitter integration>
・You can post from almost any sequence in the game to the Twitter button on the upper right or SNS





<1-3:引継ぎ Transfer>

<1-4:クレジット Credit>


<2-1:概要 Overview>



<3-2:設定 Setting>


≪4:ダンジョン Dungeon≫
4-10:バトル詳細 – 基本パラメーター
4-11:バトル詳細 – 感情の種子
4-12:バトル詳細 – フィールド効果
4-13:バトル詳細 – 心器
4-14:バトル詳細 – 記憶のカケラ
4-15:バトル詳細 – アイテム
4-16:バトル詳細 – モンスター
4-17:バトル詳細 – 夢結晶










<4-10:バトル詳細 – 基本パラメーター>

<4-11:バトル詳細 – 感情の種子>

<4-12:バトル詳細 – フィールド効果>

<4-13:バトル詳細 – 心器>

<4-14:バトル詳細 – 記憶のカケラ>

<4-15:バトル詳細 – アイテム>

<4-16:バトル詳細 – モンスター>

<4-17:バトル詳細 – 夢結晶>