Hi, it’s been a week. I’m Otorakobo
I’ve been going through all the problems since then, and I’ve come to the conclusion that the first thing we need to do is to decide on the speed of the game.

The shorter the game time, the less calories you have to burn before the next game, and the easier it will be to explain the game at the Digi-Game Expo, if you like.

So, I decided to adjust the parameters to the standard values such as character movement speed, growth speed, damage ratio, and so on.
The power of the parameter compiler will be demonstrated immediately! (poof).

After that, I decided that it would be better to have more players to test the Battrova, so I’m going to prepare a simple COM.
I’d like to experiment with a killer that will only aim at the player, or one that only aims for the red color, or one that only convexes the core… I’d like to experiment with a COM that is stupid enough to only complete a single goal.

I’m glad that when the groundwork settles down, it all becomes just fun work at once.
Well, I can’t get too carried away because the future is right next to me, where I will have a hard time with the picture rotation after this, lol.

I’ll have a COM summary by next week.
See you all next week!