[IrisyAqua] A meeting to think about the basic system of the game

Hi, it’s been a week. This is Otorakobo.

The proto ROM is under development to rave reviews, but now that we have enough elements, we have come to the phase of thinking about the basic system of the game, while conversely simplifying the skills and effects.

We are changing the parameters in a way that is a little bit different from what we are currently doing, and we are thinking of ways to solve the problem of the last hit on the last tower, which is currently a problem, at the idea level, and we are doing trial and error as only a prototype can.

We have yet to come up with a system like this! We have not yet come up with a system that is “the one”, but we are close to it, and we hope to continue to test it as we fix bugs.

Maybe the Digi-Gee Expo will be really timely.
If I’m accepted (Please. Please accept!) I’m seriously considering distributing the demo version of the game for free. (The pictures are crappy, but…)

See you soon!