Hi, it’s been a week. This is Daitora Kobo.

ProtoROM, I think it might be getting a little interesting.
I’ve added skills, displays, and other missing elements, and now I can understand a lot of things and it looks like it…

I hope to be able to design the basic form of this game in the future by messing around with the parameters as a finishing touch.

On a different note, it seems that Bitsummit was held on a three-day weekend. I missed it (w/o seeing it) because I have nothing to put up, but it is the biggest event for indie games, and I’d like to attend it at least once.
I want to be there at any cost at the time of Aiak’s release lol.

And most recently, I applied for the Digigame Expo.
I want to put together the proto-ROMs I’ve been working on so hard until now as a trial version and make some kind of presentation. Whatever it takes.
I’m planning to give them away for free, but I’m also planning to press them, because CD-Rs are tasteless… (but I don’t have the budget…)

At any rate, now that I have a goal of a GE Expo, I’m going to push forward to that point. (I hope I’ll be accepted!)
See you soon!