Hi, it’s been a week. This is Otorakobo.

I was successfully selected for the Digigame Expo!

The prototypes are almost settled, so I’ll be able to distribute the prototype ROM for free at the right time.
Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to make it into a press CD, so I’d like to make the press CD with the same content as it was if it had been accepted for Winter Comic… Well, it all depends on the progress of my drawings…

Well, I wonder how much demand there is for game prototypes… But this is the only new work I have so far… I hope it will be warmly welcomed.

So from now on, we are going to shift our focus to the Digigame Expo.

First, I have to make a sequence for the Digigame Expo with a proto ROM. I have to make sure it works properly…
Then, we need to create skills with a firm eye on the product.
The last step is to adjust the overall parameters of the map, etc.

I want to bring this area to a product-like state.
I don’t have pictures, but other than that, I’m inclined to make it look like that.

See you soon!




残念ながらプレスCDには出来なさそうなので、プレスは冬コミ受かってたら内容そのままで作りたいと思うんですが… まぁ絵の進捗次第ですね…

さて、実際ゲームのプロトタイプなんてどの程度需要あるんでしょうか… でも、今のところ新作はこれしかないし…暖かく迎えてくれることを祈ってます笑