Hi, it’s been a week. This is Otorakobo.

This week, I’d like to share with you a video in which I made some changes to the prototype and tried to solve some problems.

The visibility of colors has been difficult to see so far, so we changed it to display only hue separately from RGB.
At first I wondered if it would be a good idea to identify the two pieces of information, but it was surprisingly easy to grasp the opponent’s color by hue, and then grasp the strength and weakness of the color, so I thought it was a good idea.
I am happy with the colorful screen.

The second one is the placement of the black panel on the map.
This part of the map erases all attacks. It is a so-called safe zone. But since it is black, the color does not grow. Instead, the HP recovers little by little.
Until now, the system was such that you could not escape, but thanks to the addition of the black, you can now escape there. I also like the fact that even if you hide behind the black all the time, the color growth will leave you behind, so it is not too strong.

I think these two points are working rather well, but I will focus on reinforcing the RGB tower and the white tower, which are not yet intuitive in terms of the rules.
In addition, I feel that it is necessary to synchronize with the art part of the game, so I feel that it is urgent to work on the basic system.

For now, I will work on the tower rules next week.
See you all next week!