[IrisyAqua] Logo and stuff.

Hi, it’s been a week. This is Otorakobo.

The prototype is slowly coming to an end, and the logo design has come in just in time.

The red and blue colors are based on the image of the two main characters, and since there will be seven characters, we had seven stars scattered around the logo.
The stabbing color is white, which tends to be a special color in games.

The poster will be made to match the background that was previously uploaded, and I’m looking forward to seeing how this neon-like logo will be laid out.
The characters are a bit of a challenge, but I hope to have the key visuals finished by the end of the year.

At the moment, we have the Digi-Gee Expo underway, so I have a feeling that October will be a busy month with the closing of that ROM, adjustments, displays, etc.
See you soon!